Assistant Professor in Distributed Systems

The Distributed and Parallel Systems Group of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck invites applicants for an Assistant Professor position in distributed systems which is funded by the University of Innsbruck. The group researches and develops a wide area of distributed system services and techniques to support workflow, peer-to-peer, mobile and collaborative applications for cloud, edge and fog infrastructures. Our research topics include but are not limited to programming models; modelling and prediction; scheduling and fault tolerance; distributed resource and service management; interoperability of services and resources; adaptation, deployment and orchestration of services; serverless (FaaS) computing; blockchain technologies; software engineering techniques and algorithms for distributed systems. We are in particular interested in postdoctoral researchers that are experienced with optimization (e.g., evolutionary methods, heuristics) or modeling/prediction techniques (e.g., semantics, machine learning) which can be applied to distributed systems. However, we want to note that this position is open for any kind of distributed systems research and development.

As a fully funded Assistant Professor, you will have excellent opportunities to

  • contribute to international and national research projects;
  • start your own research projects as principal coordinator
  • collaborate with industry partners;
  • present your findings to the community in top-tier conferences;
  • work with our own cloud, edge and fog hardware laboratory, and
  • teach university courses in the area of distributed systems.

We are involved in numerous national and international projects and collaborations with academia and industry in areas including cloud/edge/fog systems, smart anything, big data, software engineering, IoT, cyber physical systems, scientific computing and high performance computing.

Qualifications and Skill Requirements

  • PhD in computer science (or equivalent)
  • Strong programming and software engineering skills, preferably in Java, JavaScript, or C++
  • The ability to work independently and define your own research goals
  • A background in distributed systems, modeling and prediction, optimization techniques, runtime systems, or programming environments
  • Excellent communication skills in English


The appointment is for four years full-time employment but can also be shorter if preferred by the applicant. The employment will start at 2019-11-01, or as otherwise agreed. The position comes with a competitive salary and opportunities for teaching (up to 20% of full-time). The annual gross salary for this position is € 53,256.


About the University of Innsbruck (UIBK)

Founded in 1669 with several Nobel Prize winners, today the University of Innsbruck is the largest educational institution in Western Austria ranked as an international top-200 University in Computer Science. UIBK has a long history in distributed systems, and has been involved in a substantial number of national and international distributed systems projects. We are developing the Askalon application development and computing environment. We have coordinated several EU projects on distributed and parallel systems including the edutain@grid, AllScale and the ENTICE project. We are currently investigating the cloud/fog/edge continuum which is changing from a pure elastic provisioning of virtual resources to a transparent and adaptive hosting environment that fully realizes the “everything as a service” provisioning concept, from centralised cloud to the edge and from network and computing infrastructure up to the application layer.

Application Process and Documents

Your application should be submitted to as soon as possible, but no later than Sept. 30, 2019. The e-mail subject should be “Assistant Professor Position in Distributed Systems” and it should include:

  • A Motivation Letter (expertise, vision and why you are a good fit for this position)
  • Full CV including at least 2 references
  • Copy of PhD degree, as well as transcripts for all study programs

You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. If you are selected for an interview, it will take place in stages, starting with an initial assessment as soon as possible (potentially via Skype or other online means).