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The Otho Toolkit: ASKALON's "Service-Enabler"

Automated Generation of Executor Services (XS) from resource-intensive scientific Legacy Applications

A large set of resource-intensive and performance-oriented scientific applications are available in the shape of task-oriented, often command-line-oriented, programs that follow a (file-based) input-output schema. Such program setups allow using job and resource management systems as gateways to various kinds of computational resources such as shared- and distributed memory machines and clusters, Computational Grid resources etc. Service-oriented architectures promise to ease application integration, to overcome heterogeneity issues and has strong industry support making them a good candidate also for scientific communities with compute-intensive problems. The Otho Toolkit aims at building a bridge between these two worlds, combining advantages and hiding disadvantages. It transforms a formal description of task-oriented programs into multiple types of Scientific Grid Application Services. The resulting application services hide all technical details behind an application-specific interface and are tailor-made and fully customized for the target Grid site/host.

The Otho Toolkit: its archetype

The Otho Toolkit is named after Otho, a member of starship Comet's crew commanded by Captain Future invented by Mort Weisinger from the US Pulp magazine published in the early 1940s. Otho is a shapeshifter android able to change appearance at will. The Otho Toolkit envisions to give this capability to legacy applications via automatic generation of custom and tailor-made Executor Services (XS) in various forms and adaptations.

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