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Datasets for Benchmarking Floating-Point Compressors

Datasets are little-endian single- and double-precision IEEE 754 arrays, with the first dimension of the extent being the slowest dimension in the multidimensional array. Files are compressed using Zstandard.

astro_mhd and astro_pt simulations were performed separately with single- and double-precision arithmetic; the remaining single-precision datasets are simply truncated from their double-precision counterparts.

rsimRadiosity field from room response simulation for time-of-flight imaging2,048 × 11,509singledouble
astro_mhdTemperature component of a magnetohydrodynamic simulation of solar wind interactions(*)singledouble
astro_ptVelocity vector component of a particle transport simulation in the LS 5039 system512 × 256 × 640singledouble
waveTime steps from a wave propagation simulation on a two-dimensional surface512 × 512 × 512singledouble

(*) 128 × 512 × 1024 for the single-precision dataset, 130 × 514 × 1026 for double precision


If you are using the entire dataset collection as part of a benchmark suite, please refer to:
Fabian Knorr, Peter Thoman, and Thomas Fahringer: "Datasets for benchmarking floating-point compressors", arXiv.org, 2020.
If you intend to refer to individual datasets in detail, please acknowledge: