Dr. Peter Thoman

  • Assistant Professor, University of Innsbruck, Distributed and Parallel Systems Group
  • Co-Founder, PH3 GmbH
Hi, my name is Peter Thoman and I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Innsbruck, with the Distributed and Parallel Systems group. My research interests include everything that has to do with achiving high performance on parallel hardware, with a particular focus on GPU computing on one end of the spectrum and fine-grained task parallelism on the other. I’m also very keen on research aiming at improving the programmability/performance tradeoff, including API design as well as compilers and tool support.
This page provides a short overview of my current projects, teaching, and some recent publications, with links to more complete information elsewhere.
Research Interests. GPU Computing, Parallel Runtime Systems, Compilers for HPC



For more in-depth information about my current courses, please visit the course repository of the University of Innsbruck.
If you have any teaching-related questions, I am available consultation either online or offline. Please contact me by email to schedule a meeting.

Selected Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications, consult my Google Scholar profile.