General Guidelines

Supervisors: All DPS members!

Time and Location: Check here

Audience: Computer Science students
Goals: Implementation of tasks from the area of Distributed and Parallel Systems. Acquiring the capability of developing and documenting content based on technical literature. Deeper understanding of the specific subject matter. Practical experience with several programming languages and systems (depending on topic).

Prerequisite: Comprehension of the material covered in previous semesters (programming languages, algorithms, operating systems, ..) is required.
The following results shall be produced in the course of the work:

  • Bachelor thesis
    • Word Template Word template and content/structure guidelines.
    • LaTex Template¬†
      • Includes LaTex class DPSbachelor
      • dps1.pdf includes a description for further information

Note these general information about writing any kind of scientific work!


  • In the case of theses that are written by teams, the separate work of each student must be identified on a per-chapter basis.
  • In addition to the bachelor thesis, a CD-ROM containing the thesis and any software you wrote must be submitted.


Evaluation:The evaluation is based on the written thesis and the practical work (functionality and coding style) in equal measure.

Further Information: For further information contact