The Distributed and Parallel Systems Group (DPS) is engaged in research and development of programming environments, multi-objective optimization, measurement and modeling of non-functional program and system behavior as well as software tools for Internet computing systems, Cloud infrastructures and multicore parallel computers. DPS enables new forms of science that are computation and data-intensive, distributed, highly-parallel, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary. Our objective is to simplify the effective use of multiprocessor parallel architectures and geographically distributed, heterogeneous systems, which will provide the basis for the next generation of Internet-enabled performance-oriented applications. We investigate our solutions in the context of mobile systems, PCs, servers, and high-end supercomputers; and explore their utilization in supporting application domains in life sciences, business analytics, natural sciences, engineering, social networking and gaming. DPS research should enable scientists to do faster, better or different research.

Cloud Computing

Green IT

Parallel Processing