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Using a Raspberry Pi as an Edge device Lukas Dötlinger Fedor Smirnov details

Title Using a Raspberry Pi as an Edge device
Number of students 1
Language German or English
Supervisor Fedor Smirnov
Description The goal of this thesis in the the design, the implementation, and the evaluation of the infrastructure required to use a Raspberry Pi ( as an edge device for the execution of (serverless) functions. In addition to the implementation of this basic functionality, the created software is to be integrated into the Apollo platform ( developed by the DPS group.
  • Researching the available frameworks for the implementation of edge functionality on the Raspberry (i.e., Kybernetes, OpenWhisk, or EdgeX)
  • Familiarization with the Apollo Framework
  • Implementing the edge functionality with (at least) one of the frameworks
  • Experimental evaluation (comparison of different frameworks/comparison of the performance of the edge device and cloud resources)
Theoretical Skills Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing
Practical Skills Java
Additional Information One (or multiple, if necessary) Raspberry Pi (and potentially other edge devices) will be provided for the work on this topic.
Depending on the main focus of interest, this topic can be laid out into various directions: From an extensive research and comparison of different Edge Frameworks (focus on technology review), over the implementation of an automatic detection of edge devices with a subsequent deployment and invocation of functions on them (focus on software development) to the implementation of an experimental network of fog/edge devices (focus on working with edge hardware).