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VolatileSim: A simulation framework for cloud volatile resources
Christoph Schöpf Sashko Ristov details


Title VolatileSim: A simulation framework for cloud volatile resources
Language Englisch
Supervisors Sashko Ristov
Student Christoph Schöpf
Description Volatile cloud instances (e.g. Amazon’s Spot Instances) are cheaper than On-Demand instances with the same resources. However, they are prone to failures because the cloud provider can reclaim them at any time. Many parameters that can describe and model the volatile resources, such as frequency of no-capacity interruptions, fulfilment rate, waiting time to fulfil the request, cannot be predicted, which hardens the researchers to simulate such a dynamic environment with high accuracy. The goal of this master thesis is to analyse the behavior of various cloud resources, all events of their life-cycle. Based on the analysis, the student should develop a simulation framework VolatileSim that can simulate the realistic behavior of volatile cloud resources and running complex workflow applications.
  • Becoming familiar with the volatile cloud resources
  • Develop a simulation framework VolatileSim
  • Evaluate the accuracy of VolatileSim against the real execution in cloud
  • Evaluate the how various volatile cloud resources parameters affect the makespan and overall cost of scientific workflow execution
Theoretical skills
  • Distributed Systems
  • Fault tolerance
  • Cloud IaaS
  • Scientific workflows
Practical skills
  • Good Java knowledge, EC2 SDK