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AGWL: Abstract Grid Workflow Language

Currently Grid application developers often configure available application components into a workflow of tasks that they can submit for executing on the Grid. We have developed the Abstract Grid Workflow Language (AGWL) for describing Grid workflow applications at a high level of abstraction.

AGWL has been designed such that the user can concentrate on specifying scientific applications without dealing with either the complexity of the Grid or any specific implementation technology such as Web/Grid services, software components or Java classes. AGWL is an XML-based language which allows a programmer to define a graph of activities that refer to computational tasks or user interactions. Activities are connected by control and data flow links. A rich set of constructs is provided to simplify the specification of Grid workflow applications (see below). Moreover, AGWL supports a generic high level access mechanism to data repositories.

AGWL is the main interface to the ASKALON Grid application development environment and has been applied to numerous real world applications, such as WIEN 2k and Invmod/Wasim.

To download AGWL XML schema (right click, then 'save as'): AGWL XML Schema

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